Saturday, May 1, 2010

Don't Freak Out

This has to be quick because I'm in the middle of senior project...kill me. 

I posted in a previous entry how excited I was that I got SketchUp files successfully into my Revit files. Not so surprising, I was much less excited when I realized that SketchUp files do not render in Revit. Well, they do render, but they render as white, and that's pretty much pointless. You may have found this happening in files you downloaded from That's because the person who posted it didn't make an actual Revit family, they imported a SketchUp file and made it into a family, but you can't edit those components and you can't render them...or can you?

There is a way around it!

To add materials to files imported from SketchUp:

Click on Settings-->Object Styles.

Under Imported Objects you will find the SketchUp files you imported and the different layers attached to that file. What you can do is select the different numbered "rendered materials" and change them.

Now it will render correctly.

Back to work...

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